Versatility Of Slatwall Displays: Slatwall Accessories

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Slatwalls are incredibly versatile retail fixtures that can transform any wall into an attractive display. You can organize your Slatwall and customize your inventory per your needs by adjusting just a few accessories. You can order slatwall hooks to hang the merchandise or get a basket and hang it on the slatwall to store small items. Here is a list of slatwall accessories that will help your retail store stay organized and appeal to the customers.


These are mostly used for clothing as they provide a unique way to display clothing items without cluttering them. Typically, hangrails have three sides that maximize the space, display the items without bunching hangers together, and allow the customers to view the products from every angle. Especially the rectangular hangrails, which are sleek, thus adding depth and dimension to the slat wall display. You can order slatwall hooks and hang rails from the best retail supplier around you.

Waterfall Arms

These are perfect for displaying items that hang on their own, like scarves, bags, and jewelry. Waterfall arms, as the name suggests, have a descending waterfall effect that keeps hanging items from getting tangled, thus allowing customers to access things easily.

Utility Hooks

The versatility offered by utility hooks is commendable. They can slide in and out of teh slatwall panels so as to allow you to add or remove them as and when needed. Utility hooks are ideal for displaying multiple items by weaving in and out of the existing shelves and faceouts and mixing and matching with other hooks to add an element of interest to the display.  

Bins And Baskets

Bins and baskets will solve your problem of displaying loose items, as they can get messy, cluttered, and hard for the customers to access quickly. Slatwall trays come in multiple sections to organize small or loose merchandise in one place, thus making them easy to find. Baskets are very helpful for gathering similar loose items together so they can be accessed at eye level and off the floor.


Shelves add variation to the slatwalls and offer flexible display options. You can use them for almost anything from home goods to folded clothing.


Slatwall prongs or hooks are small, lightweight display accessories that enable you to display various products. These are used on slatwall shelving systems and are essential slatwall accessories that are extremely easy to set up. Slatwall hooks are an excellent alternative to traditional shelving as they allow multiple goods to be hung in rows, thus maximizing the display space. These hooks come in different shapes and sizes and can also hold various items in one unit simultaneously. They have a strong load-bearing capacity due to the sturdy metal backplate that curls around in a Z or S shape, allowing it to slide easily in and out of metal grooves designed in slat panels. The prongs come in an assortment of different sizes and styles.

Most slatwall hooks are finely crafted with chrome-plated wire of different thicknesses to make them suitable for load-bearing requirements. The hooks can hold in place without any screws, bolts, or nuts. This design allows them to be moved with extreme ease just by gliding them along the grooves in the panels or slipping them out and re-inserting them into another groove. Slatwall hooks can be used to display nearly all kinds of merchandise so that all the items will get noticed by the customers. They can be used for small and medium-sized goods like jewelry items, packeted confectionary, ladies’ handbags, electronics and mobile phones, hardware and stationery goods such as screws and elastic bands, packaged clothing garments like vests and t-shirts, packaged snacks, clothing accessories like gloves and scarves, and small boxed children’s toys.

Slatwall hooks are not only used for small items but also for larger and heavier products, including packeted mats and rugs, larger children’s toys and games, larger bags and rucksacks, sports equipment like tennis or squash racquets, gardening equipment such as spades, rakes or forks, as well as DIY kit like electrical extension leads. Apart from this, they can also be used to display other items such as clocks, picture frames, hardback books, mirrors, and vinyl LPs.

How To Get The Most Out Of Slatwall Hooks?

  • Toy stores: Most toy store products should be kept at a low height so children can see them at eye level, and slatwall hooks make it easy to arrange them. You can display everything from coloring pens to games.
  • Sports stores: These stores can use hooks to arrange neat sporting equipment formations and sports clothing displays. The lighter hooks can be used for small accessories and heavy-duty ones for rackets or hockey sticks.
  • Market traders: Such stores need to maximize their small spaces. This can be done by getting multiple slatwall hooks and prongs to display mobile phone accessories, trinket jewelry, etc. The hooks can help to lay out a range of products on a single wall.

Summing Up

The advantage of slatwalls lies in their ability to be customized per your requirements. Slatwall accessories, from the multitude of hooks and face out to shelves and baskets, allow you to create a display that appeals to your customers and thus helps get your products sold out quicker.

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