Quick Essay Help: Tips to write an essay in less than an hour

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Academic life is often hectic. You may not always have sufficient time to finish all your homework assignments. On top of that, doing the homework at the last hour can lower your grades. Have you found yourself in a similar situation and wished someone experienced could give you some pointers? If you are searching for ways to write an essay paper within an hour or so, you have landed at the right place. I talked to some expert writers from a leading essay help service to find practical tips for you. Below is my summary of what I learned from these professional academic writers.

Remove distractions

Before you sit down to write, quickly remove distractions from your immediate surroundings. For example, when I open my laptop to do my homework, I close all distracting programs running on my PC, like games, media players, and chats. Similarly, you may keep your smartphone out of reach, turn off the TV, or remove your action figures from your study table.

Brainstorm for 5-7 minutes

After you have made your environment fit to help you focus, brainstorm ideas on the topic. Analyze how much knowledge you already have on the topic and what more you need on the topic. If it helps, jot down your thoughts and ideas on the essay’s thesis in bullet points or brief paragraphs. You can mark or highlight points based on their importance. Similarly, noting the doubts in question form can help you in research.

Research the topic

I know research entails diving deep into fact-finding. But with tight deadlines, browsing through information is enough. Moreover, only set out for researching if you need to clear confusion or doubts about the essay question. Many expert tutors recommend sticking to textbooks or class notes instead of internet searches. The reason is to avoid irrelevant information that can waste time. Thus, try to use only known sources to speed up the research process.

Make an outline

Once you have enough information to start your essay, make an outline. Generally, a short essay follows the format of Introduction-Body-Conclusion. For longer essays, you may have to break down the content into several headings and subheadings. If you find that the essay length requirement is higher than you can write in the available time, you can avail essay help from expert writers.

Start from the section you find the easiest

You don’t necessarily have to write the introduction first. You can start at any section or subsection. The purpose is to put you into a flow. For example, your argumentative essay topic could immediately pop a few “for” or “against” points in your brain. Therefore, noting the argument and rebuttal section first could facilitate your speed of writing.  

Stick to the guidelines

Make sure that you adhere to all the instructions given by your teacher. Even if the content of your paper is good, avoid taking liberty with the guidelines. Sticking to the guidelines could make the difference between an average or ‘A+’ grade. Therefore, make sure your essay covers all the details required. You can use rubrics to ensure that you have addressed all the requirements of the assignment.


A lot of students ignore this step in a hurry, especially when the assignment subject is other than English or Grammar. For example, if I have to write an essay for my ethics assignment, minor grammatical errors may seem insignificant. But these mistakes reduce the quality of the essay assignment. This could result in a grade deduction. Hence, make sure to proofread and edit the essay before submission

Experts’ help

When the submission deadline of your assignment is too close, you can use the expert help option. Homework help websites like HelpAcads and TutorBin can direct you toward reliable tutors. These professionals can deliver high-quality essay assignments even with very narrow deadlines. Moreover, having done assignments on similar topics to your essay papers puts them at an advantage. So, their experience in academic writing can come in very handy.


Each assignment counts when it comes to maintaining your grades. If the assignment load becomes too much, using online essay help services can help you achieve top scores. Alternatively, the tips mentioned above can guide you through quick essay writing. I hope this article helps you in avoiding a late submission. 

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