Significance of Umrah in Islam


Every religion has its rituals, practices and beliefs. Islam has taught us the way of life and always insists on humanity. In Islam, one is supposed to offer Prayer five times a day and, fast during the month of Ramadan, recite the Quran regularly. Still, Umrah is sunnah (not obligatory) and can be performed any time during the year in a day.              

It is not obligatory; Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has advised Muslims to perform Umrah at least once in their lifetime. If you’re looking for Umrah services, get them from the UK’s leading travel agency.

Purpose of Umrah:

The primary purpose of Umrah is to get close to Allah almighty, seek his forgiveness, and refresh our faith in Islam. Umrah is the most soul-touching sunnah, per our beloved (PBUH) Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Umrah is a spiritual act of worship towards Allah. Every year millions of Muslims from all over the world travel towards Makkah to perform Umrah for the sake of Allah. 

Types of Umrah:

There are two types of Umrah;

1) Umrah-al-Mufradah: 

This Umrah can be performed any time during the year except during the Hajj. Pilgrims are not required to complete Umrah-al-Mufradah in a group. 

2) Umrah-al-Tammatu: 

This Umrah is coordinated with Hajj in the holy month of Zil-Hajj. It can only be performed during the month of Zil-Hajj before performing Hajj rituals.  

Importance of Umrah in Islam:

Anyone who performs this ritual with pious intention gets the most rewards from Allah. Muslims seek forgiveness of their evil acts / mortal sins and pray to Allah almighty for His blessings. When it comes to the significance of Umrah, there are plenty of them that Muslims can attain;

Guest of Allah (SWT): 

While planning for Umrah, the thought of being Allah’s guest is impressive. One feels satisfied and blessed. It is believed when a Muslim with a pure heart plans for Umrah spending money and sparing time from worldly affairs only for the sake of Allah, the Eternal Absolute, the creator of the whole universe, himself welcomes and hosts pilgrims in His House (Holy Kaaba).

When a pilgrim enters the premises of Masjid-Al-Haram and has a look at Khana Kaaba, a strong feeling of peacefulness, quietness, and satisfaction overpowers his mind and body. These feelings resurrect a pilgrim’s soul and bestow them with the blessings of Allah SWT. 

Spiritual significance: 

Umrah is an act of worship in which one purifies his soul, brings one near to Allah, and strengthens the bond between the believer and his creator. The reward of performing Umrah is considered great, leading them to Paradise.

Historical Significance: 

It is always exhilarating to visit a historical place connected with religious activities like Makkah. where a Muslim can feel the presence of our beloved PBUH Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who also performed Umrah there.

Social Significance: 

Umrah is a great opportunity for Muslims worldwide to gather in the holy city of Makkah. And meet there and get to know more about each other, exchange their thoughts and connect without any language or cultural boundaries. 

Personal significance: 

Many Muslims consider performing Umrah a blessing as this changes the way of their life and gives them an opportunity for self-analysis. It brings a good change in their behaviour and habits. It gives them a chance to get close to Allah and focus more on their journey after life.

Elimination of Poverty: 

Performing Umrah can get one to eradicate poverty, which is an excellent benefit of Umrah. It is said that Allah rewards wealth to the pilgrims against the money they spend on this spiritual journey.

Equivalent to Jihad: 

Jihad is undoubtedly the Nobel act a Muslim can do for the sake of Islam, and if a Muslim dies fighting for Islam, he will go to heaven. According to Hazrat Aisha, wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), said – “Whoever leaves his home for Hajj or Umrah and he dies, nothing (list of his acts or sin) will be presented to him nor will he have any liability on the Day of Judgment and he will be told, enter into Jannah.”

Chance to abolish all previous sins: 

No matter minor or significant, it’s human nature to sin. However, Umrah allows one to cleanse his soul and body from the burden of past sins. It is believed that when Allah SWT invites a Muslim to Umrah, He gives him a chance to ask for forgiveness for his sins and wish for whatever he desires. Therefore, a pilgrim must perform Umrah with the utmost love, dedication, and faith to purify the mind, body, and soul.

You must have realised from the beginning of this article to the end that the reward of Umrah is endless. As it cleans our souls and strengthens our faith in our creator. And makes us believe strongly in prayers and their acceptance. Making us ashamed of our sins and promising not to repeat them, and praying to Allah to make us practising Muslims so we can enter paradise. All Muslims should pray to Allah to invite us to His home once in their lifetime to see the Kaaba with their own eyes. Even if someone does not have the financial resources to fly there, all he needs to do is pray and see the magical invitation from Allah SWT. Islamic UK travel agencies offer Muslims cheap Umrah packages, including flights and hotel accommodations. Avail of this service for a hassle-free journey.

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