Know About Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat first appeared as a villain in Sonic Adventure 2, but became an anti-hero after becoming Knuckles’ rival (she is Amy Rose’s on some occasions too).

A government spy and gem thief, Rouge has no qualms exploiting her charm to get what she wants. However, below the surface she possesses a kind heart.

She Is A Thief, Rouge the Bat

Despite her secretive demeanor, Rouge is actually a professional treasure hunter and mercenary.

Aside from her sassy and sarcastic demeanor, Rouge has a caring side that enables her to recognize true evil. This is evident when she attempts to protect her teammate Tails from Bowser.

She also has a strong passion for jewels. She has a habit of obsessing over them, and it’s been revealed that she loves them more than anything else in the world.

She Is A Spy, Rouge the Bat

Rouge is a world-famous treasure hunter, jewel thief and secret military spy. She’s also an expert in underwater exploration and climbing.

She is a confident, fearless and flirty young woman, whose carefree attitude is fun for some, but annoying to others.

In addition, she is a loyal friend of Omega, and treats Shadow the hedgehog like her brother. She also cares for Tails and Cream, to a certain extent, and has been able to show some empathy towards Sonic the Hedgehog.

She is a brilliant spy one minute and a gem-obsessed treasure hunter the next, with little to no qualms about lying and manipulating others, often using her charms and attractiveness.

She Is A Treasure Hunter

Rouge The Bat is a very skilled treasure hunter who bases her strategies on prospective profit rather than on the current owner of the gem she’s after. She is also a part-time government spy who works for GUN, an international peace-keeping organization.

She is a very sassy and smart bat who uses her wit, skill and feminine charms to fool her enemies. She specializes in kicking and is a very strong and agile fighter. She is also a great swimmer and can dive into deep water and swim with amazing speed. She is also excellent at climbing and burrowing into subterranean environments.

She Is A Friend Of Tails

Rouge is a good friend of Miles “Tails” Prower. She is a strong-minded young woman who can be helpful and affectionate in her own way. She can also be ruthless, calculating and manipulative.

She has a strong passion for jewels, treasure hunting and dark places. She is also a bit of a flirt and loves to mess with Knuckles the Echidna.

While she may seem like a prankster, Rouge is actually a very loyal and dependable friend of Tails. They get along well and have some complications between them, but they are friends for the most part.

She teamed up with Shadow and E-123 Omega to save the world in Sonic Heroes.

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