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As the world moves increasingly into a digital age, more and more companies are turning to innovative technologies to help them stay ahead of the curve. One such company is ILOBBY 100M, a global innovator in marketing automation. ILOBBY 100M has announced the launch of AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT, a new initiative that will help businesses optimize their marketing campaigns using cutting-edge technology. Through this program, businesses can access ILOBBY 100M’s powerful marketing automation tools, as well as its team of experts in the field. AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT is an excellent way for businesses to increase their ROI and reach new customers. If you’re interested in learning more about this program or how ILOBBY 100M can help your business reach its goals, please visit

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ILOBBY M — A Better Way to Lobby
With the help of Insight Partners, you can take your lobbying to the next level. With our software, you can easily track your lobbying efforts and identify the most successful activities. You’ll also have access to expert resources and support from our team of experts.


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There is no doubt that lobbying is one of the most effective ways to get your voice heard. For businesses, lobbying can be a cost-effective way to achieve desired outcomes, such as lower taxes or regulatory changes. In addition, it can also be a way for companies to build relationships with key decision-makers and learn about new trends in the industry. However, lobbying can also be controversial. Some people believe that lobbying is a form of corruption that benefits the wealthy at the expense of the average person.

Despite these concerns, lobbying remains an important part of American democracy. The US government employs thousands of lobbyists, who work tirelessly to influence lawmakers and regulators on behalf of their clients. Lobbyists use a variety of strategies to reach their target audience, including direct contact with lawmakers and staff members, online outreach, and media campaigns.

Lobbying has become increasingly sophisticated over the past few decades. Many lobbyists now have access to sophisticated technology resources, such as social media platforms and data analytics tools. This means that lobbyists can not only communicate their message directly to policymakers but also track how others receive and use their messages in the legislative process. In addition, lobbyists often use data analytics tools to identify which constituents are most likely to support or oppose specific legislation or regulations. Can then use this information to craft a targeted messaging strategy for those constituents.

Insight Partners

Insight Partners is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology companies. The firm has been investing in AISawersVentureBeat since its inception and has supported our mission to provide free access to high-quality startup resources. Insight Partners is also one of the founding partners of the AISawers Venture Forum, an annual conference focused on accelerating innovation in the startup ecosystem.

We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Insight Partners and look forward to continuing our collaboration for many years.

ilobby raises a substantial round of funding

The industry-leading ILobby has raised a substantial round of funding in just a few short months. Led by experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, the group is set to invest in tech startups looking to revolutionize the way industries operate.

The ILobby’s investment strategy involves partnering with early-stage companies and helping them grow into successful businesses. The aim is to create long-term value for all involved, including shareholders.

This latest round of funding follows investments from top-tier venture capitalists such as General Catalyst Partners and IDG Ventures. With so much support available, it’s clear that the ILobby is making a real difference in the tech sector.

iLobby raises $100 million

International Lobbyist Association (ILOBBY) has teamed up with AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT to raise $100 million for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. The partnership will help ILOBBY create a global lobbying index and identify best lobbying practices worldwide.

“ILOBBY is proud to partner with AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT to further our mission of promoting best practices in lobbying,” said Donald Sussman, ILOBBY’s president, and CEO. “This investment will help us create a global lobbying index that will help lawmakers and executives worldwide better understand how to lobby effectively.”

AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT is an online platform that connects businesses and entrepreneurs with qualified professionals from venture capital, private equity, legal, marketing, and communications. The partnership will allow ILOBBY to serve as a resource for business leaders looking to improve their lobbying efforts.

iLobby’s product offering

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When it comes to features and functionality, iLobby doesn’t disappoint. The platform offers everything from contact management to sales tracking and forecasting. Plus, with its built-in social media capabilities, iLobby makes it easy to stay connected with your customers online and offline.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive CRM system to help you grow your business, look no further than iLobby. With its state-of-the-art technology and intuitive interface, this platform is perfect for businesses of all sizes.


The conclusion of the ILOBBY 100M Partners AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT campaign is that they have successfully raised over $1,000,000 for charity! The participants all participated in a global social media challenge where they had to post a video explaining why they were backing the campaign. This allowed them to connect with others who shared their values and helped promote the cause worldwide. The team at ILOBBY was very impressed with how engaged and passionate everyone became after participating in this unique social media campaign. They hope to create more opportunities like this in the future to continue helping make a difference in the world.