How to Ward Off Fear of the UPSC Exam?

UPSC exam

A myriad of students start feeling under the weather while preparing for the UPSC exam. What frights them the most? Well, the tough competition, difficulty level and stringent selection process are some factors that ignite a feeling of fear in their minds. Don’t worry if you are also experiencing this situation. It is not uncommon to get nervous while preparing for the exam, especially when it is the UPSC exam.
You can easily overcome the fear of the UPSC exam by following some courageous and effective tips. We have mentioned all the tips in this article that can help you ward off the fear of the UPSC exam. Besides following these tips, if you want to get the right guidance from an expert to feel more confident, you can look for an illustrious source on Search India.

Here are the marvelous tips that will help you eliminate the fear of the UPSC exam:

Avoid negativity

Negativity can actually let you down and make you panic while preparing for the UPSC exam. So, try to keep yourself away from negativity as much as you can. If there are some who always pull your leg whenever you make a mistake, maintain distance from them. Apart from that, some situations may make you think negatively. Promise yourself not to think something negative whatever the situation is. Always stay courageous and tackle every situation optimistically. Otherwise, you won’t be able to concentrate well on the concepts while studying for the UPSC exam.

Practice daily

Irregularity in practice can make you feel stressed. Therefore, to be confident about your preparation, you have to practice daily. After grasping each concept, revise it, close your book and write about it in a notebook in your own words. Make sure to use relevant examples to retain concepts for a long time. Well, a mock test is an ideal option to practice the entire syllabus. Therefore, after covering the whole syllabus, you can solve mock tests every day for better practice. This way, you can work on your mistakes and weak points which will enhance your performance and ward off the fear of the UPSC exam.

Start early preparation

If the exam days are coming close and you find yourself unable to complete the exam syllabus on time, it will give you extreme stress. Therefore, if you don’t want to experience such a situation, make sure to start your exam preparation early. Apart from it, never try to procrastinate on your work as it will slow down your preparation journey. Make a rigid schedule and adhere to it strictly if you want to complete your syllabus on time and that too without any pressure. You must put in effort to complete the entire syllabus at least 3-4 weeks before the exam. The rest of the days could be utilized for revision.

Stop comparing yourself with others

The more you compare yourself with others, the more you will notice others’ strengths and your own weaknesses. Comparison with others will make you feel anxious and you will start doubting your worth. Therefore, instead of focusing on how well others are performing, focus on yourself to give your best. You have to understand that everybody has different potential, different skills and different talents. So, comparing your abilities with others isn’t the right decision. If you are in the habit of comparing yourself with your friends and other competitors, stop doing it straight away if you want to eliminate the fear of the UPSC exam.

Do not think about results

If you study less and worry more about the results, you will get stressed frequently. Therefore, live in the present, not in the future and work hard to prepare for the exam instead of worrying about the results. When you focus on exam preparation attentively, it will surely bring you positive outcomes. Moreover, when you don’t think about something while studying and just focus on the concepts, it will speed up your grasping power. Hence, you can complete the immense syllabus on time.

Do some breathing exercises

Sometimes, an unstable and rushing mind also gets anxious. In such a situation, concepts seem really hard to grasp. Therefore, whenever you feel stressed about something, practice breathing exercises to calm down your mind. This will only boost positivity inside you, help you eliminate the fear of the UPSC examand make you able to concentrate on the task at hand.
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Wrapping up:

To wrap up, getting stressed isn’t bad but letting stress overpower is really bad. Therefore, follow the above-mentioned tips to overcome the fear of the UPSC exam and get ready to nail the exam.

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