How to Choose the Perfect Size LG LED TV For Your Room: Buyers Guide?

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Television models are becoming more luxe day by day. The modern age TVs are available in numerous sizes in various price ranges. If you are looking to purchase a proficient television for your home, you can definitely get the LG LED TV 43 inch which is a recent best-seller in India. You can also get your favorite LG TV on EMI online to reduce your hefty financial constraints.

You are required to take several things into consideration before selecting the perfect size LG LED TV for your room. Here is the bubuyer’suide that can help you decide. Read to know more!

Taking diagonal measurements of the TV

Measuring the TV from corner to corner is an important step that can’t be missed, whether you are buying the LG TV on EMI online or purchasing it offline. Make sure you keep their diagonal measurements in mind. Compare the latest LG TVs size to the space available for the LED TV in your home. If you go wrong anywhere in this step, you might buy a TV that is either too large for your room or way too small. Therefore, you must be careful while measuring the TV dimensions and your room’s space.

Measure the distance between your sitting area and the TV

Make sure you measure the distance between the space where you want to install your LG led tv 43 inch and the area where you sit and watch TV. This distance should be adequate, as sitting too close to the TV not only ruins your fun of watching the TV properly, but also is harmful to your eyes. Watching TV from so close can cause your eyes to itch and ache. This distance is called the ‘viewing distance’ and plays an important role in helping you purchase the right size LED TV online on EMI. The standard viewing distance is considered to be 9 feet. It can vary slightly, depending on your site and personal requirements.

Do not go for too large TVs

Buying large LED TVs without any particular reason is not a very sensible idea. If you have a large room for which you are buying the LED TV, you must go for large sizes. This can help your LED TV suit the dimensions of your room. But if the room for which you are buying the LED TV is not that grand, you should not buy large sizes. Doing that means that you are not only wasting money but also making your room look highly congested and clustered. In this case, the extra money that you spend could have been saved easily. Moreover, it is not just a waste of money by buying a larger size rather than the LG led tv 43 inch, but also a complete ruining of the look of your room.

Do simple maths to calculate the right size

Using maths can help you buy the LED TV on EMI online easily. If you are not certain about buying the LG led tv 43 inch, you can calculate its size for yourself. Simply measure the
distance between your TV space and the sitting area. This viewing distance can be divided by 2 to know the exact size that you are required to buy for your room. For example, if you are sitting at a distance of 9 ft or 108 inches, you can divide these 108 inches by 2. The result that you will receive is 54. Thus, you can look for 54-inch TVs.

4K can compensate for the viewing distance

If the TV set that you are buying has 4K visuals, you can shorten the viewing distance in order to get better results. If you reduce the viewing distance, the size of the LED TV also gets reduced. You will be paying less for the LG led tv 43 inch due to its smaller size. Also, the 4K visuals are way better than the normal ones, making the 4K TV sets highly popular. Nowadays, the majority of the TV models come with the 4K resolution feature which helps you get the theatre-like experience right at your home.

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