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Carolina Herrera, the famous perfume brand, was founded on February 23rd, 1992. Its first fragrance is called The Good Girl and it is still designed by Carolina Herrera herself. However, when a company hires a copywriter to create a new perfume for them, they have to make sure that their perfume will be successful and so many other things need to be perfectly planned out with the help in of copywriters. As for this company, which sells perfumes online instead of in stores, they want to make sure that their customer reviews are positive so they don’t lose customers!


Welcome to the Good Girl Perfume Dossier! This blog is all about the best, most popular and well-known perfume brands for women. Whether you’re looking for a fresh, floral scent or something more musky and woodsy, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be providing fragrance reviews and comparisons of different perfume brands so that you can find the perfect scent for your own personality and needs. So be sure to check back regularly as we update this blog with all the latest information on the best perfume brands out there!

The Good Girl perfume

When it comes to perfume, there are a few different types of women that can be found. There is the woman who likes to wear an air of sophistication and class, the woman who is all about her scent being strong and masculine, and then of course, there is the good girl. The good girl is someone who is willing to go with the flow and not stand out too much. They are the type of woman who would rather have a soft scent that projects a sense of innocence and purity.

One of the great scents that can be worn by the good girl is Calvin Klein Obsession. This scent has notes of jasmine and vanilla, which creates a very feminine smell. It also has a woodsy undertone that gives it a very manly counterpart. Another great option for the good girl is Victoria’s Secret Angel. This fragrance has notes of peach, mandarin orange, freesia, and amber, which makes it very sweet and floral. It also has a very grounded base that makes it perfect for day or night wear.

We all know the good girl. She’s the one who always does what she’s told, follows the rules, and never puts a foot wrong. But sometimes, that good girl just needs to let loose a little bit. And what better way to do that than by wearing a perfume that tells the world you’re not afraid to have some fun? Here, we’ve put together a little dossier on some of our favourite good girl perfumes.

Spice up your look with the by Carolina Herrera

If you’re looking for a new fragrance to add to your repertoire, Spice up your look with the by Carolina Herrera collection. This line has a variety of scents that will make you smell like a million bucks. Whether you’re in the mood for something light and floral or something more sensual, the by Carolina Herrera collection has got you covered. Best of all, these fragrances are affordable and easy to find, so you can splurge without breaking the bank.

Introducing Good Girl Perfume, your go-to source for all things perfume! We offer a wide variety of scents, including natural and organic ingredients, to help you find the perfect fragrance for your personality. Whether you’re looking for a subtle scent to express yourself or something more bold and expressive, we’ve got you covered. Check out our blog section for more information on our products and how to use them!

Dossier The Sweet and Sensual Agarwood Perfume

If you’re looking for a sweet, sensual fragrance that’s sure to turn heads, you need to add the Agarwood Perfume to your list. This perfume is made with the delicate woodsy scent of agarwood, which is highly prized for its unique and intoxicating aroma. Agarwood is a tree found in tropical regions, and its wood has been used in perfumes for centuries. The Sweet and Sensual Agarwood Perfume will transport you to a tranquil forest setting, where you’ll enjoy the soft perfumed breeze flowing through the trees.

The Threefold Fragrance for Women

There are many different types of women, and each woman has her own unique scent. A woman’s perfume should reflect this uniqueness. There are three types of perfumes that can be used to create a threefold fragrance for women: floral, woodsy, and oriental. 

Floral fragrances are the most popular type because they are light and refreshing. They are perfect for summer days or any time you want to feel happy and optimistic. Some of the best floral fragrances for women include Chanel No 5, Clinique Happy, and Lancome Eau Fraiche. 

Woodsy fragrances are a little more intense than floral fragrances. They have a strong smell of earth and forestry. They are perfect for fall or winter days when you want to feel cozy and warm. Some of the best woodsy fragrances for women include Burberry Brit, Lancome Millesime, and Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. 

Oriental fragrances are the most mysterious type of perfumes because they have a strong smell of spices and herbs. They are perfect for cool fall or winter days when


If you’re looking for a good, versatile perfume that will make you feel confident and powerful, Good Girl Perfume is the site for you! With over 100 fragrance options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect scent for your personality and style. Plus, each perfume comes with a detailed review so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s the right fit for you. Thanks for reading!

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