Gan Cube 356XS Review

GAN cube

Regardless of whether you’re interested in the Gan Cube 356XS or any other magnetic system, you’ll find that there are a variety of options to choose from. Some of these features include a magnetic system, colour options, and elasticity levels. You’ll also find that there are a number of accessories that you can use with the system.

Aimbot feature

Amongst the many cube brands available, Ganyuan Jiang of Ganspuzzle I fame has managed to create a name for himself. He was the first to set a Chinese national 3×3 speed-solving record, and he remains the sole owner of the brand. Now he has incorporated the brand into a cube called Gancube.

GAN cubes are available in several colours including red, blue and white. Each has a stickerless design. They are accompanied by a selection of cool gadgets. Amongst these is the GAN i2: a Bluetooth connected puzzle. Unlike the previous incarnations, the i2 comes with a template, allowing you to get started on your own.

Elasticity levels

GES, or the Gan Elasticity System, is the first elasticity system developed by Gans. It uses a nut, a spring, and a cap to create a customisable elasticity that improves speed cube experience. It also helps with finger twists and reduces spring noise. The elasticity can be changed between 6 levels. The GES Nuts come in 7 different colours.

GES is also available on the GAN 356 Air Master. It requires a special tool to rotate the nuts. It has a stronger magnet system, which is more powerful than modern cube magnets. However, many people found that the cube was noisy. It was also criticized for its long edges and long edges made it difficult to turn.

Colour options

Whether you’re into speedcubing, speedbashing or just cubing in general, you’ve probably noticed that the cube has a lot of options. GAN is known for their high-end 3x3s, but they also have some average cubes for those who prefer a budget option.

The GAN 356 Air is an incredible speedcube that’s also a fun to play one. Designed for light weight and smooth turning, it has an interesting mechanism. It is also available in stickerless and stickerered versions. It is also the first GAN cube to incorporate the company’s patented Elasticity System. This allows you to swap out the springs for the ones you prefer.

Magnetic system

Among the most popular speedcubing brands, Gan’s puzzles are known for their high quality, speed, and durability. They feature an ideal core with screwed pins, and the GES Nuts and Springs system, which makes changing magnets in Rubik’s Cubes easier.

Gan’s “Air” line is considered to be the best-selling line in the world. The cubes in this line have broken dozens of world records, and set many continental records. They also feature a unique honeycomb design, and are made with visible magnets. They are also stickerless.

The new 3×3 cube, Gan 356 Air SM, has a slight redesign in the internal pieces. It is also the first 3×3 to feature a new GES v3. The GES is a magnet adjustment system, and can be used to change the strength of the magnets in corners.

Magnet options on the GAN 356XS

Compared to the GAN 356 X, the GAN 356XS features a new and improved hardware system, which includes a new push-button capsule and a push-button system for easy magnetic cube strength adjustment. The new capsule can be adjusted easily by turning a layer 90 degrees.

The 356 XS has a plethora of innovative features, including an all-plastic core, an adjustable magnetic system and 72 configurations. Compared to the previous model, the XS boasts a lighter weight, improved portability and superior performance. It is also the quietest cube in its class.

The GAN 356XS is a cube that is meant for professionals. It is not only fast and smooth, but is also very stable. Its honeycomb design helps to increase the stability of the cube. This makes it perfect for training sessions.


Besides the Gan 3×3 cube, there are also a variety of accessories available. These include a GAN Cube Bag, which is a type of bookmark, a Gan Cube solver, and a cube scrambler.

GAN pioneered many advances in cubing hardware, including the first interchangeable magnets, the first elasticity system, and the first cube with a honeycomb design. Ganspuzzle I, the first GAN speedcube, has a number of world records to its name. It was also the first GAN cube that had factory magnets.

GAN 356 Air was released in August of 2016. It was endorsed by Feliks Zemdegs and Max Park. The cube was designed to be lighter, quieter, and easier to turn. The Air was also the first cube to utilize Gans Elasticity System, which allows the user to swap out springs to adjust the cube’s feel. It also comes with three GES nuts and a tensioning tool.

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