Find the Expert hair care tips

Expert hair care tips

Bad hair day exists. Yes. Does the bouncy, voluminous hair in hair care ads seem like a dream? Most go overboard, we agree. Proper hair care can make healthy hair a reality, say experts. This article offers hair care tips.

Hair Care Dos with Hair care Tips

1. Shampoo regularly

Regular washing removes dirt and oil from the scalp and hair. Your hair type and personal preferences determine the right frequency. Wash your hair twice a week if it’s very dry. Alternate-day washing helps oily scalps.

2. Chemical-free shampoos

You can’t control environmental factors that damage your hair, but you can control your shampoo. Less chemicals in shampoo=healthier hair. Choose gentle, hair-type-appropriate shampoos. Sulphates and parabens lather and preserve shampoos, but they can cause skin irritation and hormonal disruptions.

3. Maintain

Your conditioner straightens and manages hair. It protects hair from heat and the environment. It should only be applied to hair tips, not the scalp. After application, rinse well. Many top brands now offer haircare. Answer a few questions to get a personalized haircare plan.

4. Hairspray

Natural hair drying Knowing. Blow drying gives you movie-star hair. Heat styling can damage the scalp. Style only for important events. After shampooing, air-dry or towel dry. Don’t sleep or comb wet hair. Towel rubbing can damage hair’s cuticle. Gentleness is must.

5. Oil hair

Oiling and massaging the scalp before shampooing improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and nourishes hair. It helps hair grow, repairs split ends, and restores moisture. Coconut, almond, olive, castor, and other oils are available. Mineral oil should be avoided.

Best Advice:

Apply warm oil and wrap your head in a towel to let it work. Before shampooing, use a mask to soothe the cuticle. It reduces shampoo-induced hair friction.

6. Wide-toothed comb

Wet hair breaks easily. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush dry hair. This comb protects hair.

7. Natural hairstyles

Who doesn’t love curls and waves? These can be achieved without heat. Invest in a heat protectant serum before using a curler, straightener, or blow dryer.

8. Regularly trim hair

Trim split ends every 6-8 weeks. Heat styling, pollution, smoking, stress, etc. cause split ends. Trimming doesn’t speed hair growth. Trimming promotes healthy scalp-level hair growth.

9. Hydrate

Balanced and healthy hair requires internal and external hydration. Even if you use hydrating hair products and oils, drinking 3 litres of water daily ensures healthy hair.

10. Healthy eating

If we write about hair and skin care, we’ll say “you are what you eat.” Proteins and amino acids compose hair. To grow and thrive, it needs proper nutrition. Eggs, berries, nuts, fish, green leafy vegetables, and sweet potatoes help hair.

11. Wear hats

Sunlight damages skin and hair. Sun rays can dry and damage your hair over time. Wear hats to prevent hair damage. Swimming pool caps protect hair. Chlorine damages hair.

12. Hairbands

We love open hair but use hair bands to limit environmental exposure. Instead of plastic, use fabric hair ties. When styling your hair, don’t pull it too tightly.

13. Dry with a hairband or old T-shirt

New! T-shirts can dry wet hair without damaging it. Traditional towels damage hair cuticles over time. Save your old, soft t-shirts.

14. Protein Hair Serum

Find an all-natural Protein Hair Serum to repair damaged hair. Indalo’s hair serum for damaged hair is a unique repair formula and the best in India.

15. Rose Petal Hair Powder

The Rose petal powder benefits for hair help with hair care. BestRose petal powder hair masks add shine and smoothness to hair. ARose powder cleanses the scalp and removes dead skin cells.

Hair Care Don’ts with Hair Care Tips

1. Hot showers

Hot showers dry out your scalp, leaving it flaky. Use cold showers.

2. Tension

Healthy hair means a person worries less. Stress can cause hair loss and illness.

3. Chemicals

Chemicals from dying, perming, and other hair treatments disrupt hair follicles, hair growth, and hair fall.

4. Hair products

Prolonged use of straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers changes hair texture and causes breakage.

5. Hair Salt

Salt water irritates the scalp, damages hair cuticles, and tangles hair. Avoid chlorinated pools.

What Happens When Hair Is Neglected?

  • Uncared-for hair may stop growing.
  • Slowly, dandruff, hair loss, dryness, and dullness may appear.
  • Long-term hair neglect causes ingrown hairs.
  • Indeed!
  • On the scalp, too.
  • Unwashed hair attracts dust.
  • Bad hair products can cause itching and hair loss.


By using chemical-free products made for your hair type, eating right, and avoiding heat styling, you can avoid bad hair days. If you have excessive hair loss and damage despite good hair care, see a doctor. Celebrate yourself, hair or not.

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