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EOD, or the Explosive Ordnance Disposal suit, also called blast suit, is a heavy suit built to withstand the pressure generated by a bomb and any fragments the bomb may produce. EOD suits are usually worn by trained personnel when attempting bomb disposal, in contrast to ballistic armour, which is worn to protect the torso and head. Since the dangers associated with bomb explosions will affect the entire body, the bomb suit or EOD suit should be able to protect all parts of the body. We shall discuss the key features of the EOD suits and helmets so that you can choose the right EOD helmet manufacturer.

EOD technicians usually wear EOD suits during ‘render safe’, survey, and disruption procedures on potential or confirmed explosive threats. The parts of the EOD bomb suits overlap to provide maximum protection in several ways. These suits are designed to provide a tremendous degree of protection from fragmentation, thermal and tertiary effects, and blast overpressure.

It works by stopping the projectiles that may come from an exploded device, eliminating or greatly decreasing the pressure of the blast wave being transmitted to the person wearing the suit. Many bomb suits use layers of kevlar, plastic or foam to achieve all these functions. They also come with a pair of interchangeable gloves and wrist guard attachments to maximise protection, give the wearer’s hands the mobility and safety needed for the task, and avoid cross-contamination of any evidence found.  

EOD ballistic equipment has set a gold standard for blast protection, technical capabilities and ergonomic design. It is a multi-layer development program focusing on user-centric design so that it provides the best possible overall experience. This equipment is significantly lighter, more comfortable and offers much greater mobility. The pieces have been designed to reduce weight and fatigue and are equipped with an enhanced ambient air ventilation system that helps the users feel refreshed and focused. EOD equipment comes with an improved fit, and new materials enable the bomb disposal technicians and military EOD operators to work more freely, even in difficult locations, for longer periods. 

The EOD helmets have been completely redesigned to improve situational awareness, fit and protection. Some helmets also come with a Voice Command System and other new light discipline options in order to provide enhanced warning and confirmation systems to support the users in different types of operational movements. The EOD bomb suits and helmets ensemble also give EOD operators superior balanced protection, especially against the four main and basic blast threats: impact, heat, fragmentation and overpressure. The best EOD helmet manufacturer will also evaluate and carefully apply the latest lightweight, protective materials to increase overall protection while reducing the weight significantly. 

Key Features Of EOD Helmets And Suits

  • Ergonomic designs that reduce weight and increase mobility and flexibility.
  • Helmets with new technology that increase protection and improve fit.
  • Integrated voice command system that keeps the user’s hands-free to carry tools
  • The remote control unit and helmet work as an integrated system. This enhances situational awareness, thus helping the user to interact with their environment and be informed.
  • The equipment has enhanced ventilation that helps reduce heat stress and keeps the user refreshed and focused.
  • The suits have an improved foot protection system that offers a customised fit and natural walking motion. 
  • EOD helmets generally have mission-specific lighting to give users the best option for their operational environment. Some of them also come with shielded electronics for compatibility with Electronic Countermeasures, which are useful when dealing with Radio Controlled IEDs.

EOD Helmet Camcorder

Such helmets provide a consistent and reliable high-definition video that can be used for conducting forensic investigations, reviewing training exercises and live operations, and can also be used as evidence. The primary advantage of an EOD helmet camcorder is that it has been designed to be set at the correct viewing angle, which helps in focusing on the task at hand, which would be difficult to achieve by simply attaching a camera to the helmet or suit by using some duct tape or velcro.

The camcorder also offers a 135-degree field of view to give a wide perspective, and it is available for both the potential BA visor and standard EOD visor. The camcorder comes with a one-touch button for control, and the HD video can be easily and quickly downloaded to a Mac or Windows computer simply by using a USB cable. 

The optimal vertical viewing angle is carefully set using Human Factors Engineering. It provides a 720p HD video for high-quality image capture. The is an option for audio and a wide-angled 135-degree lens for clear lateral vision. The designs are weather resistant for use in harsh climates, and some of them also come with a time/date stamp for record keeping and evidence collection. Some pieces come with an internal battery and are also equipped with an 8GB Class 4 microSD card.


These are the main characteristic features of EOD suits and helmets that provide ultimate protection during bomb disposal procedures. 

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