Custom Burger Boxes: The Key To Promoting Your Fast Food Brand


Do you want to make your burger franchise successful? Well, custom burger boxes are the best way to stay ahead of the pack. The burger industry is a whooping billion-dollar market and is quite competitive. Therefore fast-food brands try hard to create brand awareness and dominate the market. However, there are several cost-effective ways to promote your food outlet. And in this blog, we have shared amazing tips to scale up your business with customized packaging. So let’s take a look at the following points.

Durable custom burger boxes

Have you ever noticed the burger packaging? It has a signature box style that perfectly fits the burgers. However, the size, design, or color may vary, but the shape remains the same. Now let us talk about the packaging material. Mostly cardboard material is used for manufacturing the custom burger boxes. It is sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. Hence there is no crumbling or wrinkling of the boxes. And on top of that, it is eco-friendly. So it naturally decomposes and reduces packaging waste. Hence it’s a complete win for the brands!

Custom burger boxes with logo

In the food business, the logo is of great importance. It authenticates your brand and fosters a strong customer-brand relationship. Thus the prominent logo, slogan, and artwork promote your label globally. You can make your burger packaging famous with foil stamped logo. It is a dry printing technique consisting of colored foil instead of ink. And it is printed to a specific area with high heat and pressure. As a result, it creates a permanent impression.

Food-grade laminated boxes

It is admitted that hygiene is very important in the food business. So brands use various preservation methods to extend the food’s shelf life. Similarly, when it comes to food packaging, lamination is vital. It prevents the boxes from getting soggy, wrinkled, or crumbled. And it makes the custom burger packaging durable and long-lasting. You can coat the boxes with gloss, matte, or aqueous coating. Apart from strengthening the boxes, it keeps them stain, fingerprint, and scratch-free.

Eye-catching burger boxes wholesale

Do you know the trick to make your food chain a big hit? Yes, you are almost there. There is no denying that the use of quality ingredients tops the chart. But more is needed. Without proper branding campaigns, your business can reach a standstill point. So marketing is a no-brainer in every business. Hence eye-catching burger packaging is a must. You can print mouthwatering images and tempting slogans to attract customers. Further, you can use red, orange, yellow, or black boxes to differentiate your brand.

Communicate packaging

Worldwide, people are very conscious about their food choices. Therefore they read the warning labels, nutrition value, benefits, and side effects before buying. And the same goes for the fast food business. No matter how good the burger tastes, people read the printed information. It tells the buyers about the burger flavor, size, and sauces. As a result, it helps them in choosing their favorite burger. Hence the informative packaging attracts customers and boosts the sales graph.

Use of green packaging

Do you know that customized packaging can create a positive brand image? Yes, this is true. You can print awareness messages or partner with a social foundation to win over customers. For instance, we know that packaging waste is an alarming issue. And you can embark on the green movement using kraft and cardboard packaging. As a result, it promotes safe packaging and makes your food brand eco-responsible.

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Why choose iCustomBoxes?

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