Common Misconceptions About Bank Exams

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Grabbing a job in the banking sector is a dream of a number of youngsters in India. They work so hard to prepare for the banking exam but they come across some myths that lower their confidence and drag them away from their goals. So, what are these rumors that can spoil your exam preparation process? What do you have to believe and what not while preparing for the bank exam? Let’s figure it out!
In this article, we have mentioned some common misconceptions about banking exams that are moving around every corner. You have to avoid all these myths to plan your study schedule in the best possible manner, otherwise, if you believe the myths, you may end up crafting an ineffective study plan. Well, if you want to move on the path shown by a proficient coach, you can look for the best platform on Search India.

Here are some widespread rumors about bank exams:

Bank exams are hard to crack

Is something easy in this life? No, right? Whether it is a college/school test or a competitive exam, one can’t clear it without constant effort and assiduousness. Everything seems to be difficult until you prepare for it. However, the difficulty level of the task declines if you prepare excellently and perform well. So, never believe that cracking a banking exam is a cumbersome challenge. Instead, plan a foolproof study strategy and follow it determinedly to enhance your skills. Don’t concentrate on what others say, just focus on the exam preparation. This is how you can save yourself from falling into the trap of such a myth that can lower your confidence and never allow you to reach your goals.

You need to attempt all the questions

If you are planning to mark all the questions even though you don’t know the exact answer, it can lower your scores. Remember that a negative marking scheme is applicable in the banking exam. For every incorrect answer, your ¼ mark will be deducted. Suppose, the exam comprises 80 MCQs where you will get 4 scores for each correct answer. If you know the right answer to 50 questions and attempt them perfectly and don’t mark those you are not sure about, you will get 200. However, if you mark the rest of the questions with a guess and all of them turned out to be incorrect, you will get 188 instead of 200. So, never try to solve questions you are not sure about as it can cost you your success in the exam.

You need to study for long hours continuously

You might also be following this strategy to get fully prepared for the bank exam. Is it working? Are you able to study energetically, attentively and productively for long hours? No, right? It is because the human mind can’t concentrate properly on the same task for more than 1 or a maximum of 2 hours. After this duration, the energy gets totally drained and the body needs some relaxation to regain its energy. So, if you have planned to study for long hours constantly, change your plan and make a new schedule including short study sessions with short breaks after each hour. This is the superlative way to study constructively for the bank exam.

Only mock tests are enough for exam preparation

Candidates often rely on mock tests while preparing for the exam rather than focusing on the core concepts. They spend less time gaining conceptual knowledge of the concepts and utilize more time to practice mock tests. Yes, it is good to strengthen your preparation by solving mock tests but neglecting the basics of the concepts isn’t good at all. So, allocate adequate time to gain in-depth knowledge of the concepts and once the concepts are clear, you can solve mock tests. This way, there will be fewer chances of mistakes and you can easily achieve desirable scores in the banking exam.

Study from more books

Don’t prioritize quantity over quality. If you believe this misconception and study a number of books, you will only get confused. Instead of wasting your time collecting books from different publishers and tangling yourself in those books, it is better to rely on 1-2 authentic books. This way, you can get top-quality information and reliable material to prepare excellently for the bank exam. Moreover, it will be easy for you to grasp concepts without any hassle.
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Summing up:

To sum up, these are some misconceptions you need to turn a deaf ear to. Avoiding these myths throughout the exam preparation period will help you start your preparation in the right direction.

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