Bigtime vs Miro: which Collaboration software has more features

Bigtime vs Miro

When it comes to collaboration, BigTime software and Miro software provide similar features. Both allow users to customize their workspaces and invite team members. They also allow users to assign team members to projects and track progress. In addition, both provide tools for invoicing, feedback, and more.

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Miro and BigTime software are cloud-based collaboration applications that allow users to share files and collaborate with others on projects. Each allows users to customize workspaces, invite team members, and add features to a project. They also both allow users to track project progress and invoices. Both applications are ideal for remote teams that need to coordinate their work without having to rely on email.

BigTime has a strong track record of success and has been a preferred choice for accounting firms, engineering firms, and IT vendors. Its ease of use and fast implementation has earned it high praise from users. However, the software has some downsides, such as the inability to integrate with QuickBooks. Thankfully, BigTime provides a number of helpful resources and training webinars to help users solve problems.

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BigTime and Miro both offer project management software with customizable features, such as reporting, time tracking, invoicing, and collaboration tools. Both offer web-based capabilities, which are great for companies with distributed teams. Users can set deadlines, track project progress, and collaborate with colleagues via the visual whiteboard. Miro software also supports unlimited video calling and customizable templates. In addition, both systems allow users to set up workspaces.

BigTime and Miro both have collaborative features that make it easy to bring team members together for collaborative work. They both offer collaborative whiteboards, video and voice calls, as well as note-taking and sketching. Miro also works with all types of data, so there is no need to switch between multiple applications to use its features. The apps also offer secure environments for sensitive information, allowing administrators to restrict content access.

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When comparing the two software options, it’s important to look at the features and customer support. This is the most important factor in deciding which software is best for your business. BigTime’s features make it an excellent choice for accounting professionals, and it’s also popular with engineering and consulting firms. Its web-based interface allows for greater mobility, which is essential in today’s highly mobile society.

Miro is another collaboration tool, which is ideal for teams. The software allows people to create and share ideas without any boundaries. It features over 50 pre-made templates, screen sharing, and video conferencing. It also integrates with other popular business software, making it a great option for remote collaboration.

miro reviews

Miro is a software platform for team collaboration and remote whiteboarding. It features more than 50 pre-made templates and collaboration tools, such as screen sharing and video chat. It also integrates with other popular business applications. The company says that its software aims to help teams work more efficiently. Miro also works with all types of data, so there is no need to switch between multiple applications to use its features. The apps also offer secure environments for sensitive information, allowing administrators to restrict content access.

BigTime Software has comprehensive features and is widely used by top consulting firms around the world. It is web-based, which means that users can be mobile when working. This is a major plus in today’s world where mobility is key. As a result, BigTime is a top priority for many leading managers at giant corporations.


When it comes to project management software, there are many different options. Miro and BigTime both offer features that project managers may find valuable, such as customizable project request forms and budget estimation. They also let you share project schedules and export them. Both programs offer free trials. However, BigTime offers some unique features that may make it better suited to certain types of businesses. The program combines project management tools with technology, such as flowcharts and diagrams, and provides features for accountants and finance professionals.

While both services feature free versions, there are also paid plans with additional features. Enterprise plans are more expensive but provide more features and security. The free versions are suitable for basic tasks, but they lack advanced analytics. Enterprise plans also offer data governance and added security.

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