what is the best bed frame for heavy person

best bed frame for heavy person

If you weigh more than the average person when choosing a new mattress, there are a few things to consider when looking for the best mattress for your size. Most of the time, the best bed frame for heavy person  is the same for thin people, the reason being that it may be related to support, speed transfer, hot sleep, and other factors.

Having a proper mattress is crucial for heavy people to have a good sleeping experience, and foam mattresses are an excellent choice for heavy sleeping.

We first know how important it is to have a well-built and well-designed mattress so its weight and support should be kept in mind when looking for the right bed. These things are very important if you are a heavy sleeper. Buying a mattress that has the right features for heavy people will ensure you the best sleep of the night.

Which type of mattress is the best bed frame for heavy person ?

Which type of mattress is best for heavy sleepers will depend on your choice, what type of mattress you prefer and what size mattress you want to play a huge role in determining the mattress. However, we will analyze the type of each mattress and why it may be the ideal option for you.

1. Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are best because of their contouring and stress relief. If you prefer concussion or feel pain in the joint due to stress then this may not be the best for you.
However, you should choose a memory foam mattress that is somewhat sturdy and can support your body.

Most heavy sleepers have a ‘warm sleep’ experience but gel memory foam mattresses tend to sleep warmer than other types of mattresses, so keep this in mind when shopping. Because of the technology, some memory foam mattresses have a way to keep you cool all night, such as gel foam mattresses that will help you stay cool all night, so stay away from basic memory foam if you decide to use this option.

2. Airbed

Most airbeds have many layers to choose from, so you can get a good fit in them so these are a favorite and good for heavy sleeping. On the airbed mattress, you can customize your comfort and it is extremely firm and soft. If your comfort is fluctuating every night then surely this may be the best option for you. But you will pay more for this flexibility because most airbeds are expensive.

3. Innerspring

Innersprings mattresses are mostly stable and reliable and come with a polyfoam comfort layer to keep you comfortable.

The springs around the core of this mattress are usually thick enough to keep you level and ensure that you don’t sink too much or add pressure. Innerspring mattresses also encourage breathing which keeps you calm as you sleep.

The advantage of memory foam for heavy people

Memory foam mattresses are a great option for heavy people because they are helpful and are known to relieve stress points by providing consistent support to your body no matter where you sleep.
When choosing a memory foam mattress, first make sure that you consider material construction, breathing, and cooling materials so that you do not fall asleep.

Features like gel or latex used in cool and comfortable layers, open-cell structure, and respiratory coverings are important factors to consider and mattress technology like copper helps ensure a great sleep experience for heavy people.

What is the best mattress thickness for the heavy person?

The thickness of a mattress often determines your comfort and support. Typically, mattress thickness is six to fourteen inches thick, with most memory foam and latex mattresses down to scale from innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

Due to the amount of pressure people put on the mattress, dense mattresses should be used as they provide deep compression support. People weighing less than 200 pounds will use a mattress ten inches thick and if you are heavier than that you can find a mattress with improved foam and a thicker layer. You always go for thicker mattresses, because they give more comfort and support.

Follow our guide to choosing how to build a memory foam mattress foundation that will help you find the right bed frame.
Lastly, check out the edge support Remember that if you are fond of sitting on your mattress, mattresses with strong edge support prevent hanging and collapsing which is a good thing for people who like to sleep along the edge.

Is a firm mattress good for heavy sleepers?

While a soft bed can be comfortable, a firm mattress is usually good for people over 230 pounds. Stronger models usually feel softer when providing strong support because heavier bodies compress the surface more.

There is a reputation for creating stress points sometimes when sleeping on a firm mattress but you can still enjoy cradling regardless of the mattress’s firmness. It provides adequate comfort with body contour elements, usually, firm models with side slippers make it more comfortable for pain and heavy testers.


Weighing more than 230 pounds most people need a firm mattress for them, but the right amount matches the support of the contouring mattress. The mattress should contour around the part of your body that pushes hard against the bed to redistribute your weight and prevent pain.
More contouring will give you better stress relief. If you suffer from stress-induced aches and pains, we recommend looking for thick comfort systems with memory foam. However, those who don’t like the feeling of drowning in their bed can appreciate the balance of latex stress relief with more subtle contouring.

Edge support

Edge support refers to how supportive a mattress is around its perimeter. Although most people prefer a good model of mattress with good edge support, it is vital for people overweight 230 pounds. Not perfect for heavy sleepers in a bed with weak edge support. Weak edge support weakens the mattress over time and makes it more difficult to get out of bed.
If you want to use the whole sleeping surface, we usually recommend a hybrid mattress. Mattresses designed for heavy people have good edge support.

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