Breif Introduction About Custom Apparel Gift Boxes Wholesale

The packaging of a product is a very important aspect in the customer touch experience. It’s the first thing a potential customer will see and notice, which is why custom apparel boxes are often used to promote clothing brands.

Apparel gift boxes are a great way to show your customers that you care about their experience with your brand. They can be adorned with beautiful ribbons and tissue paper for a more memorable look.

Luxury Apparel Boxes

Luxury apparel boxes are a type of packaging that is used by clothing brands. They provide a way for businesses to showcase their rich style while also protecting their products from damage and maltreatment.

Whether you’re packaging a t-shirt, skirt, coat, or any other type of clothing item, luxury apparel boxes are an excellent way to do it. These boxes are available in a variety of styles, including sliders, mailers, and magnetic closure boxes.

These boxes are made of environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled board and water-based inks. They can be printed with any design, image, or logo. They also come in a variety of colors, making them a great option for a wide range of products.

Textured Apparel Boxes

Textured apparel boxes are a great way to showcase your products. They can be printed with a variety of themes and textures, including foiling, which adds a touch of class to your packaging.

American Retail Supply Hawaii carries a wide selection of high-end apparel gift boxes wholesale. Our two-piece natural kraft box with embossed pinstripe design is a retailer favorite! Stocked in 7 different sizes, these boxes are easy to assemble and store flat for quick access. Made from 100% recycled board & 35% post-consumer products, these slick looking boxes are sure to impress. They are also a green alternative to your normal shipping costs.

Embossed Apparel Boxes

Embossed apparel boxes add a touch of luxury to a gift box. They can be a great way to make your brand stand out and are especially popular for special occasions such as birthdays or weddings.

These two-piece natural kraft apparel boxes have an embossed pinstripe design that adds texture and style to the box. They are eco-friendly and made with 100% recycled materials.

Embossed apparel boxes are perfect for retail products and can be easily lined with tissue paper for a more unique and elegant look. They are also available in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide range of items.

Printed Apparel Boxes

When you’re looking for a way to package your clothing items, you can turn to printed apparel boxes. These custom boxes are designed to make your brand stand out and give customers a positive first impression.

Printed apparel boxes are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials. You can even have them custom-made to fit the needs of your business.

Stylishly designed, strong, and attractive, these apparel gift boxes are great for shirts and ties. They also work well for corporate gift exchanges and office parties.

Branded Apparel Boxes

Branded apparel boxes are a great way to showcase your brand. They can be printed with your company’s logo and a variety of colors to create a high-quality look.

These boxes are perfect for packaging shirts, ties, and other items that people will use to dress up or wear for special occasions. They are also ideal for gifting purposes.

Apparel boxes are available in several styles and can be made to fit any type of clothing product. They can also be customized to include different features, such as ribbons, bows, and decorative designs.

Custom Apparel Boxes

Whether you are a retail business or an online store, custom apparel boxes are an important part of your packaging strategy. They can protect your clothes and accessories from damage during transportation and help promote your brand.

Our luxury apparel gift boxes wholesale come in a variety of styles, including sliders, mailers, and two-piece boxes. Choose the style that best fits your product and budget, and get your order printed.

Folding clothing boxes are ideal for storing and shipping clothing, such as shirts and dresses. They are made from environmentally friendly post-consumer recycled cardboard and water-based inks.

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