8 Best Brooms In Hogwarts Legacy, Ranked


Fans can now live out their childhood fantasy of flying around Hogwarts on a broom, but which ones are best for players?

Broom flight is one of the best parts of the Harry Potter world, and in Hogwarts Legacy, players can fly across the whole map on their trusty old brooms, which is the best thing that could happen. Even though every broom in Hogwarts Legacy has the same stats, they can all be improved by Albie Weekes. You can find him in Hogsmeade at his shop Spintwitches Sporting Needs.

At Spintwitches, players can choose from five different brooms, each of which costs 600 galleons. Players can find Wandering Merchants or complete Pop Balloons challenges to get the best-looking brooms in the game and fly around the Scottish Highlands in style.

Aeromancer Broom

Outside of the world of Harry Potter, when people think of a witch. They usually picture an old broom and a bubbling pot. The Aeromancer Broom is a good thing for people who want to recreate this iconic look in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Wandering Merchant Rohan Prakash will sell you this old broom for 3000 galleons. It has a small pot attached to the handle. Mr. Prakash can be found in Cragcroftshire and near the Marunweem Bridge.

Wild Fire Broom

The in-game text says that the Wild Fire Broom captures nature in its wild state. When you look at the gnarled and knotted handle. Which is only topped by the fiery and ember-filled tail, it’s easy to see why.

To get the Wild Fire Broom, players will have to finish Tier III of the Pop Balloons challenge. Which means popping ten more sets of balloons after popping seven sets in the first two tiers.

Wind Wisp Broom

The Wind Wisp is probably the simplest and most unique of the five brooms you can buy from Spintwitches Sporting Needs for 600 galleons each. Since it’s the smallest broom in the game, it’s great for staying out of sight.

It is also a very useful broom because it has a small lantern on the front that makes flying at night a little safer. Even though this broom wouldn’t look right on Imelda Reyes’ racetracks, it’s a great first broom, especially for the price.

Bright Spark Broom

The Bright Spark Broom is probably the hardest broom to get. Because players have to pop every single balloon set in the game to get it. However, if they do find them all, it won’t cost them a single galleon.

The two stars hanging from the handle of this broom are the first thing players will notice about it. This may turn some people off of an otherwise stylish broom. The tail’s unique angled shape also draws attention, and it looks great with the metal seat and handle.

Family Antique Broom

The Family Antique Broom might not be for everyone, with its wild tail of unruly twigs and handle that looks like it was broken off a tree. But for those who want to complete their rustic 19th-century look, it is perfect.

Its natural design, or lack of design, might not work on the Quidditch pitch. But it looks great when roaming the rough countryside. This valuable family heirloom can bought from Priya Treadwell, the Wandering Merchant, south of Hogwarts. Players may remember her as the wife of historian Nora Treadwell.

Sky Scythe Broom

The Sky Scythe is the most expensive broom in 8 Ball Pool game. Its green-twigged tail makes it perfect for Slytherins who want to show their pride. Unlike other brooms, both the seat and handle of the Sky Scythe intricately made, with the handle ending in a stylish flourish.

This is one of the most expensive brooms in Hogwarts Legacy. It costs 5000 galleons and can bought from the Wandering Merchant Leopolde Babcocke. Who can found in different places north of Hogwarts.

Silver Arrow Broom

Since Hogwarts Legacy takes place about a century before the main Harry Potter series. When broom flying was more advanced, only one broom will be familiar to fans of the books.

Madam Hooch learned to fly on the Silver Arrow, but players will have to pay 5000 galleons and do a side quest to get their hands on this famous design by Leonard Jewkes. If they do the Carted Away quest and help the goblin Arn. They will be able to buy the broom from him in Lower Hogsfield.

Night Dancer Broom

The Night Dancer Broom is the most stylish broom in all of Hogwarts Legacy. It would look right at home on a modern Quidditch pitch. It has a silver band around its tail for style and speed. And the slim, straight handle makes it look and feel professional.

The Night Dancer Broom’s best feature is that it’s free and very easy to get. Players just have to pop two sets of balloons, which they already have to do for Madam Kogawa’s task. Just make sure to unlock it on the Challenges page when you’re done.

Now, you can play Hogwarts Legacy on PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. Versions for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch are being made right now.

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