10 Ways To DIY Extremely Cute and Impressive Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations

Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. The festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm globally. The decoration is the key icon of Christmas. DIY decorations are becoming more attractive and famous because of many reasons the most significant being cost-saving and reuse. The decoration is the prerequisite to Christmas which is a welcoming gesture for Christmas as well. There are many ways to DIY Christmas decorations. This article will highlight 10 ways to DIY impressive Christmas decorations. 

Sweater Christmas Trees:

It is an efficient way of reusing an old sweater. Form a tree structure of cardboard. Cut your sweaters and paste them accordingly on the tree structure. It will turn into mini tree decorations. 

Chair Wreaths:

This decorative DIY doesn’t overlook your seating when it comes to Christmas decor. The use of a small boxwood wreath along with the ribbon can be turned into a decorative for chairs. Cut the boxwood wreath and turn it into a round shape. Cover it with colorful ribbons and then hang it with the chairs.

Wood Candle Holders:

This seems to be an extremely cute DIY for Christmas celebrations. It requires small round pieces of wood. The pieces should be hollow. Place small candles in these woods. Place a few of these decorative pieces in the tray along with greenery and berry accents. You can place these decorative pieces throughout the house or in windows. They can easily add warmth to your house as well.

Christmas decorations

Paper Christmas Trees:

This DIY is a simple way to decorate a Christmas tree. You can use colorful papers to make the tree attractive or simply the green color. Cut the papers of different sizes of leaves for the tree accordingly. Use some wooden sticks. Paste your cuttings on the sticks. Join these sticks together to give the shape of a Christmas tree. You can use small fairy lights to decorate your tree. 

Candy Cane Garlands:

It is a very easy DIY that attracts the children’s attention on Christmas. Collect the candy canes and make a garland of them simply by joining the candy canes. You can use these garlands to decorate large or small Christmas trees. You can also use these garlands and candy canes garlands with balloons to decorate the sides of windows. 

Paper Window decoration:

You can use unwanted newspapers for this DIY for Christmas decorations, or colorful papers or sheets. You can also cut the colorful papers into flowers and paste them on the corners and sides of windows. 

To make it more attractive use fairy lights along these flowers on the sides of the window.  You can make different sizes of flower buffets from this craft work and place them on the tables or shelves. And don’t forget to find discount codes on the Christmas Sale which can help you save a lot of money when decorating your house. 

Jumbo Outdoor Lights:

This DIY uses oversized lights for Christmas decorations. You can use cardboard or construction paper. Match the lights with the color of your door and wrap them around the cardboard. The cardboard can be cut into different shapes. Attach the lights to this cardboard. Hang these decorations around the door. You can use greenery accents to add more beauty to this.  

Christmas decorations

Make Mini Houses:

This is an attractive DIY for children. You can make mini houses from cardboard pieces or from hard paper. These mini-houses can be painted in different colors. They can be placed on tables, in cupboards, hang around the walls, or on the shelves. They can be made more attractive by adding little lights to them which make them shine at nighttime.

You can use popsicle sticks to make a small house. Collect the sticks. Fix them together with glue. Color them accordingly. Place these small houses as decorations for Christmas.

Lined candled Jars:

The DIY is simple. It adds beauty to Christmas celebrations. You simply have to line the large candle jars with the dried slices of orange for the fresh aroma. Use different-sized jars. Lit the candles in these jars. Place them on the table. This Christmas decorative DIY only takes a few minutes.

You can decorate your candle jars with small pearls. It adds extra beauty to the jars.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes:

It is a simple and attractive Christmas DIY decoration way. Collect the popsicle sticks. Glue them together in the snowflake structure. Spray these sticks for a snowy indoor wall scene. This will resemble the weather of Christmas day and add an extra charm to Christmas celebrations.

You can use these snowflakes as window hangings. Tie the snowflakes with threads. Cut a small strip of cardboard over the width of your window. Glue these threads on the cardboard strip and attach this to the top of the window. 


The Christmas celebrations without decorations are incomplete. The decorations are made easier in DIY ways, as they don’t require extensive shopping for decoration. The DIY ways for Christmas decorations discussed above, involve the reuse of some materials such as newspapers, cardboard, and popsicle sticks, making the celebrations of Christmas easier for everyone.

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